Monday, January 24, 2005


As most of you know, Gilday and I have set up camp in the living room so that Casey doesn’t have to climb the stairs to go to bed with us at night. Since the mattress in the sofa bed is very crappy, we’ve been putting an air mattress on top of it at night. For the most part, it’s been pretty comfortable.
Well, last night we settled into bed and went to sleep. At about 4:30am, Finnegan decides that he and Casey really need to go outside and pee. I notice that it’s awfully hard to get off of the air mattress. It seemed like I was getting out of it instead of getting off of it. I took care of the dogs and then headed back to bed. As I’m attempting to get back on the air mattress, I notice that as I sit down, Gilday’s body flies up into the air. I know that I’m not a small girl, but that was just silly. All the jostling and the early morning flight wakes him up and we decide that we’ll just add some air to the mattress, and everything will be fine. After some huffing and puffing the mattress is back to its glory. Sleeping was had. Or so we thought.
About an hour later, we both are awake, both uncomfortably floating/sinking into a poorly inflated air mattress. It still had some air in it, so we figured that we’d just deal with it until we need to get up for work. By the time the 1st alarm goes off, the mattress is completely deflated and we pretty much had a very restless early morning.
I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. Hey, laughter is the best medicine, right? That and tossing the air mattress in our Waste management bin.
Lets hope that tonight our "Spare" air mattess doesnt have the same fate.


Gilday said...

I though I was in a circus act. It would've been fun if it wasn't four in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Want some help installing a doggie elevator this weekend? I mean, you might as well.

Paradise said...

What amazing imagery your post generated! Haha! Thanks!