Friday, January 05, 2007

the return of the uncertainty

"Our house, in the middle of Green Street. Our house. In the middle of the..."

We've entered into contracts with a buyer for our house. To drive home the fact that it's really going to happen, we also have a back up offer from another buyer who's willing to wait patiently for the first deal to fall through. Either way, we will be selling.

What I find interesting is in the first 2 months we had it listed, we didnt have any offers. Alot of showings, but no bites. Then, on New Years Eve, we received two within an hour of each other! It must have been something about starting the new year off right, or going out with a (financial) bang. What ever it was, it looks like we'll be closing by the end of February.

Yeah, it's a little scary. I'll be adult enough to admit it. I love our house. We did so much work to it to make it "ours". We learned how to be plumbers, carpenters, demolition workers, exterminators, roofers, gardeners, and at times, sanitation workers. It sheltered us during some of the most emotionally difficult and the happiest times in our lives. So far anyway....

Once we close, we're off to live at Lil's for a bit while we decide which direction life will take us. Any advice?

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Paul said...

No advice, but I did want to let you know that my finger nail is almost done growing back from the dishwasher install.