Saturday, May 19, 2007


Ok. Here are my contenders.
i don't know what else.

I was thinking about using Blue Dog, after my freelance company name, but I've learned that its very popular. Even adding the Design after it. But, even then, I want it to be an all encompassing "family" site, not just about me. Who would think coming up with a URL would be so frustrating.

I shouldn't complain. Its not like we're naming a child yet. That had to be the roughest thing for the Rag's to do. The pressure! They lucked out and picked a beautiful name. As Gilday and I are not on that path yet, the stress of the website name shall overrule.

Voting enabled.


Paul said...

I'm not inspired by those choices, but really it's your pick.

I suggest

Sheila said...

Hummm... maybe. Or maybe not.

I'm thinking more not.