Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are you addicted yet?

I've noticed that I've been updating more that I've ever done. Of course, now that I mentioned it, I'll probably stop posting again for months at a time.

I've finally updated my photo's on the website, and I'm almost done with the redesign. I'm not completely happy with some of the pages, so I'll be tinkering around a bit until it's good.

This Saturday, which was close to being the hottest and muggiest days of August, we attended a wedding of a friend of mine from work who had finally succumbed to the life of matrimony. She was a beautiful bride, even with the crazy heat. I didn't go crazy with photos like I normally do, and I feel sort of bad about it. I was on the tail end of a stomach virus, so I wasn't feeling very creative. The photographer she had was an older couple who did a combination of digital photos and video. They were pushy and rude when it was time for traditional shots, but were nowhere to be seen when the groom and all his groomsmen were doing shots at the bar or when Erin was lifting up her skirt because she claimed that she couldn't feel her legs from the heat. Those, would've been a great candid photo's. I know, I know... everyone wants different things. I prefer the real shots, of real things, instead of the "put your head here and hold her hand there" images. I'm sure that her photos and the video will be lovely. I'm just picky. I definately want to get some freelance gigs and get us a DSLR.

Sunday we went over to my Mom's for a family dinner to supplement my birthday week. My mom made all the ingredients for my favorite meal, and I cooked it up. Fried dough with tomato sauce and mozzarella. Yum. My Mom and Dad would always make it for me for my birthday's, but since Dad passed away its been pretty low on the priority list. Actually, non existent on the list. But, i thought it was time to give it a try. It was a little different being that I was the one to roll, cut and cook the dough, a job normally held by my father. My emotions were pretty close to the edge at times (like when my dads rolling pin handle broke at the first pass) but I made it through. So did my Mom. I've been missed my dad alot lately, and I thought it would be a nice way to acknowledge him & my birthday at the same time.

Monday was the opening day at the US Open. Gilday scored some tickets and had a jolly good time.

Ok... enough for tonight. I need to make sure I have content for the rest of the week!

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