Monday, August 20, 2007


This weekend was a learning experience.
  1. When dealing with dogs: Always keep the tasty anti-inflammatory medicine in a safe place. Child proof does not mean dog proof.
  2. Keep hydrogen peroxide on hand.
  3. Mastiff & Rottwieller vomit is not pretty.
  4. When you don't do number 1 on the list, you need number 2 to help you do number 3.
  5. Hiking is good for the soul. We really need to get an empire passport and take more advantage of the local beauty that surrounds us. We took a hike up to lake minnewaska and watched the wind make really cool patterns in the top of the water. I took some photos, but havent yet had the chance to upload them to the site.
  6. Always look in BOTH MIRRORS when backing up. I have to replace the back tail light of Willi's truck because I backed the Pathfinder into it.
  7. The Artist's Soap Box Derby is in need of an igloo.
  8. These drinks are really great, plus, they are supposed to be good for you. Hat's off to XXX for its 3 types of antioxidants!
  9. Always call a few days before when making a dinner reservation at a popular restaurant.
  10. Mini golf is so much better with a couple shots in you, combined with the magic of the purple putter.
  11. Tapas menu's are pretty cool.
  12. Bears do exist. I had the crazy experience of seeing a fluffy black bear my way home from work this evening. He was munching on some grass on an embankment of the NYS thruway. I've lived in the country most of my life and I've never seen one out and about. I never expected to see one on the side of the busiest highways in NY.


Anonymous said...

Megan and I had a black bear run right in front of our car not 200 yards down the road from our old VT home. The sight did not compute; Megan thought it was a seriously large dog and I thought it was a man in a gorilla suit bounding on all fours.

I never breathed easy when I put the trash out to the curb from that point on.

Sheila said...

I remember you telling us of that Vermont adventure.

To be honest, I'm anxiously awaiting a moose sighting. I hear that they love lakes. And sisters.