Saturday, November 03, 2007

The first hurdle

I'm at Paul's currently stealing his internets. This whole posting everyday thing is going to be fun, but its going to take some additional planning on my part. Originally I was going to post this morning but got side tracked by sleep. Oh, how I love to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

We're currently playing scrabble, my most favorite game, which I'm losing horribly at so i figured I can spare some of my concentration to post. I learned today that Paul plays the game BY THE RULES. I guess the way that Gilday and I played (and my family also) was the way of the Cheater. According to Paul (and the rule book, supposedly) once you use a "bonus square" like Double Word Score when playing a word, you can't use the "Bonus Square" again when building upon that original word. Our way, the way of the cheater (us) is to allow multiple uses of the bonus squares. This adds for creative play and higher scoring. But, its obviously the wrong way to play. Its the boring way to play.

Don't get me started on Free Parking with Monopoly. The way we play (the cheaters), all monies collected from taxes, community chest, etc are piled into the middle of the board and when someone lands on Free Parking, they get the pot. It adds a stroke of luck to the game and some suspense when going around the board avoiding the prime properties like Park Place and Baltic with hotels out the wazoo on them. Paul thinks otherwise. It should just be a place to land and take a breather. I say, why not get some cash too!

I'm all for the way of the cheater. What's fun about playing by the rules?

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Paul - for once :)