Thursday, November 01, 2007

Haunted Halloween

Last night we went to the Headless Horseman hayride in Ulster Park to celebrate Halloween. I don’t think we’ve ever celebrated nor done anything special for Halloween night. We were toying with the idea about going this year but after a couple attempts at calling to get tickets, found out that it was sold out for the season. Through a stroke of luck, i mentioned it to a business connection I was able to score some tickets. Home run!

I wasn’t overly scared, mostly started by people popping out of the darkness and the feeling of anticipation going around corners and not knowing what will be there. I had the luxury of walking behind Gilday, who was the point man into the haunted houses/mazes and I felt pretty safe being protected by him. Although, I think one of the people we went with didn’t have the same luck. In the last part of the 3rd haunted house of 5 (called the Creature) a ghoulish guy followed our friend down a long hallway and was poking at her neck with some fake fingers, which thoroughly freaked her out and his persistence made her cry. Which I thought was very funny. I know, I’m terrible. I know that when I'm encountered with a scary situation, I'll want to scream quickly and then start to laugh, not break down in sobs. Oh well.

It was a great night though. Maybe we’ll do it again next year.

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