Sunday, November 11, 2007

Out and About

On an afternoon at one of our favorite hiking spots I realized that it's not every day that you get to walk over a suspension bridge. This is a shot of the bridge as we were leaving. If you ever get up to Ithaca, NY, there is a pretty cool suspension bridge in linking one side of campus to the other. Its been dubbed the Suicide Bridge by Cornellians. Ask Gilday about it. He'll fill you in. Anyway, It was great to see that they are keeping up with the maintenance on our Black creek. Some of the boards were nice and new. I like the pattern it makes.

On the way home we thought we'd hit the sunset on the ridge and on the way up the mountain, low and behold, SNOW! At the very crest of the hill near Minnewaska Park, it looked like they had to clear the roads.
Here's a peak at the top pull-off looking southwest. Doesn't it look cold? Tonights low is supposed to be 22.

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