Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a pictorial essay of the past few weeks

This is the final result of the Horse Project I was Directing at work

The Base horse, he's naked!

Getting some color now...
Oh no Ryan! Don't look! The Macbook Pro is on the table next to the paints!! AHHH!!
Everyone needs a little night time frisbee to chase away the school/work blues...
Here's the final result. He's got the chain to represent the Iron chain that went across the hudson river to stop the Britist from coming up the river to invade during the revolutionary war. The chain is attached to a painting of West Point on one flank, and a painting of Constitution Island on the other flank.
Artsy shot in front of the gallery they will be at for a few days to be photographed for publicity, before heading off to be clear coated.
Good bye horses! It was fun working on you both!

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