Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wake me up, when September ends...

Life is in upheaval (sp) right now. So much yet so little has happened in the past weeks. Let me start by saying that I am alive. Barely, but still alive.

My father passed away 2 weeks ago. He was 55. Rather unexpectedly but yet, expected. He wouldn’t go to a doctor when he was sick. He wouldn’t talk about what he was feeling. He was too proud for that. He was an Old School man's man. Instead, he would push those he loved most away from him, to shield them from the pain he knew was coming. I hope god smacked him up a bit before he let him through the pearly gates.

I hope he thought, as he decided to take that last nap on the couch in his living room, he was glad his wife was there with him. He was glad he raised a daughter who he knew was strong enough to take care of his wife when he was gone. Who would be strong enough to take on all of her problems plus her own, because that’s what she did, that was how he raised her. He knew her mother would be in the best of hands.

He knew that his daughter had a great man, like himself, to take care of her, hold her and wipe her tears away when no-one was looking, and to take on her mothers problems, her problems and his own.

Thank you Gilday. I can't get through this without you.

He knew, that his daughter had a great circle of friends to visit her, talk to her, consol her, and just be with her, to help her through this new trauma. Thanks everyone. It means so much to me for all you've done for me.

Oh, and thanks to Green Day (see title).


Gilday said...

We'll get through this together. You complimented everyone in your post, but yourself. Although you couldn't see yourself as you took care of your family the first few days, you did damn good. Your dad would be proud.

James Dziezynski said...

My best friend Jody just went through the same thing, her Dad was 56. He was fine, then a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, and three weeks later he's gone. We've all tried to work through it, but from another family who is working through the same feelings, our hearts go out to you-

Sheila said...

Thank you for the kind thoughts. It was a very unexpected thing to have to go through. One day he was there, the next, he was gone. My thoughts go out to your friends family.