Tuesday, October 25, 2005

tuesday night

Its tuesday night, and Gilmore Girls (yes, i watch that) sucked. It better get a tad bit more entertaining or we (who?) will no longer be addicts.

I'm searching for car rentals for our california trip. I'm attempting to use our Entertainment book that a co-worker lent me but to no avail. We want a nice convertible or maybe a BMW. Wishful thinking, right?

Ok... well. i haven't mentioned that I'm a tad bit tipsy. We just finished a bottle of pinot and Finnegan wont stop whining because he wants to go to sleep.

Gilday thinks that i'm a hard typer. He keeps making gestures that I'm slamming my fingers into to keyboard. And... hes farting up a storm. Did i mention that? Thats what happens when you drop your lunch on the floor.

Thanks for listening to the drunk rambling.

Peace Out Yo!

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