Sunday, February 26, 2006


It was really cold sunday morning! Walking 4 1/2 miles through the wilds of Vassar College with the cold wind rushing into your throat every time you took a breath was definatly an experience. I don't think I could feel my legs until 6 hours later when we were in Vt! (or was is Mass?) But, over all the experience was ok. Heart Walk 2006 was a success.

Some annoying things to mention though:
1. Vassar college students found out that at the end of the walk there would be free Subway, and pretty much cleaned out the supplies. Needless to say, that last hundred or more of people didn't get anything for their time, and donations.

2. We (our team of 4) came across people who were actually SMOKING on the walk. Yes, i kid you not. Come on people, get with it!

3. Parking. The H.S. that held the walk only had 100 parking spaces, which led the rest of the participants to find alternate parking. In the woods. Good thing I have a Pathfinder!

But, over all, I had a good time, a nice brisk wintery walk and helped a great cause. Next year I'll be bringing Finnegan though, for extra body heat.

Oh, By the way... There is still no snow in Esopus. Hum? Did I imagine a snow storm?

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