Wednesday, February 22, 2006

wedding song

The first wedding song. The song that defines you as a wedded couple. Gilday and I have many songs that can fit the bill. Some fast, some slow, some very goofy, and some, that really arent songs. We've been trying to figure out what will be our first song. Van Morrison, U2, Ben Folds, Adam Sandler, Mazzy Star? The list goes on. Each song that is "ours" has a specific meaning, time and place for us. How do we decide on just one?

grrrr... I suggested that we burn a cd with all of our choices and dance to them in our living room. Then, whichever one "feels right" would be the one.

Those of you that are wed, how did you decide?

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Mega-N said...

Well, I think we both just came up with it on the same day. That was after struggling with it for a while. I think we had a different one picked out before, but I don't even remember what that one was now.