Thursday, November 09, 2006


First off, a big congratulations goes out to Megan & John! As you can read here, they have some very happy news! I wish them all the best.

Now to todays post:
In an attempt to move on to bigger and better adventures, Gilday and I have decided to sell our beautiful house. Our realtor came over last night and finished up some details, like putting up the For Sale yard sign and had us sign some paperwork. Being that yesterday was a horrible day for pictures, he's going to come back on Friday and take the images for a virtual tour and other assorted photos for the listing.

It's going to be hard to leave our house. But its a great feeling of accomplishment when you make your mark on something so huge (1760 Sq. Ft). From what the house looked like when we bought it, and to look at it know, it's had an amazing transformation. You'd hardly think it's the same house. That house has given us some great memories and learning experiences that we'll never forget. But its time to move on.

Whats next on the horizon for the Gilday's? Perhaps some kayaking, maybe some light reading, and definately some new views. We'll keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well-wishes. We're pumped!

Oh, and in regards to selling your house, the game is afoot.