Wednesday, August 15, 2007


On occasion we are asked to check in on our landlord’s dogs from time to time. Last night was one such occasion. They were both going to be out of town and they asked if we could let them out a few times at night, and then again in the morning. They wouldn’t be back ‘til the afternoon the next day. Not a problem. We’re happy to do it. They've done it for us tons of times.

Last night, after we let them out for their last pee, Gilday locked the door and gave me the key so that I could let them out again in the morning. I tucked it safely away in my left pocket. As we were walking back, we decided to chill outside a bit in our Adirondack chairs and star gaze before hitting the hay. It was such a beautiful night! The air was crisp and reminded us of camping up near Lake Placid.

When we’re ready to turn in, I headed upstairs and send Riley down for her late night relief, and walked Finnegan down from the front of the house to the back pen (he pulled a muscle in his surgery leg so he can’t do stairs for the moment). As we stood around waiting for them to get done, I reached into my pants pockets because got a little chill. That’s when I realized that I had a hole in my left pocket. At first I wanted to sing “there’s a hole in the bucket” by Spearhead, and then it hit me. Where was the key to the barn? Not in my pocket. I told Gilday, who really only could laugh at me.

A million thoughts rushed through my head. The good thing was that the dogs were just out, so they would be fine until the morning. I grabbed a flashlight and we retraced my steps from the barn, to the chairs, in the back door, into the basement, up the stairs, into the kitchen & living room, out the front door, down the steps, across the front yard to the back yard, up to the pen, and back to the spot where I realized I’d lost the key. Nothing.

I was a bit worried but Gilday calmed me down and said that I’d probably find it easier in the morning and if not, I could just go next door and ask the neighbor to borrow her copy. Not a big deal. I was playing the scene in my head as to what I’d be going through the next day when I looked down and….

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