Monday, August 13, 2007


The other day Gilday and I bought some new stuff for the dogs. They got some new and comfy dog beds and some multi functional toys that helped clean thier teeth. Usually they play with whatever we give them for about 15 minutes, then they loose interest and they’re back to chewing the caps off soda bottles. Well, it’s not the case anymore. Finnegan absolutely LOVES this ball. He won’t put it down. He takes it with him everywhere around the house. When the ball gets away from him and rolls under something, like the bed, he cries and whines until one of us goes under and gets it for him. And, you can’t trick him either. Last night he managed to get it stuck under the couch and I reached down, found a nylabone instead, and tried to give it to him. He looked at me for a second and then went right back to sticking his massive head under the couch and whined until I gave him the ball. Riley on the other hand, who needs to use the dental chew more than Finn, could care less. She hasn’t really figured that dogs are supposed to chew things, and will only play with it to taunt Finn. Which, she does really well.

Anyway, as any responsible (and smart) dog owner knows, it is very important to know what gets your dog to behave and keep them occupied (as it is probably true with children) for hours. So, on Sunday, we went out to Target and picked up a couple more to have on hand so when the day comes to toss out the old one, Finn wont be the wiser. When we got home, we decided to take one out of its package to keep 2 in play, and Finnegan could not contain himself. When I left for work this morning, Finn was lying on the living room floor with the chew-balls side by side in front of him. He looked so content!

I could not have envied my dogs life enough this morning....

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