Friday, September 07, 2007


Gilday and I are taking a bit of a weekend break and heading up to the Adirondacks tomorrow morning with the Kayaks. A not so serious camping expedition that will allow us to camp near the truck and have some comforts of home, like our air mattress.

I'm looking forward to the nice break, fresh air, and hearing my favorite noise. Strangley enough its the sound of the truck tires rolling over gravel as it rambles down the dirt roads to the site. Its so adventurous and intrepid. It just reminds me of when I was little, and I'd be sitting in the back of my dads Ford pickup truck driving the old wood roads near my childhood home looking for wild blueberries.

I remember once when I was about 5, my sister (I have a sister?) and I were in the back and my Mom and Dad were in the front a tree frog fell off a tree limb and landed right in my Moms hair. She freaked out and and attemped to tossed the frog out the window. It hopped out of her hand mid toss and landed in the back of the truck with us. My sister (I have a sister?) freaked out and climbed through the back sliding window to get away from a little frog. I, on the other hand, quickly caught the frog, insisting that his name was Fred and he was my new friend. My sister (yes, I have a sister) then refused to ride in the back while Fred was still there. I got my way as usual and Fred was going nowhere! I lucked out (even then I preferred the company of a frog to my sister) and I enjoyed the rest of the ride with the box all to myself (with the addition of Fred, of course).

So anyway. Love that noise. See you Monday.

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