Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I just came from the gym. I did a step class with my friend Erin and it really kicked my butt. It was my first step class ever, and I think I must be the most uncoordinated person in the world. There are a series of formations you have to do stepping up and down on the platform, and I was completely lost after the first 15 minutes. The instructor would call out a letter, like M or A, and you were supposed to step it out for six or eight sets. I finally figured out the M, A and the wild K, but she started tossing in turns and leg kicks. I know I looked silly trying to keep up. I'm sure that I'll become less of a stumbling fool as I get to know the moves and such, but today I was pathetic. It was a fun class though and I'll definately be taking it again.

Muscles.... starting... to.... ache.


Paul said...

You just came from the gym?

Firstly, what the hell were you doing there to cause that reaction, and secondly isn't that a bit private to be posting to your blog?

Sheila said...

Oh paul. We really need to get you a girl.

Paul said...

No shit.