Thursday, November 22, 2007


For the past few years we have hosted, as we call it, a "Friends Thanksgiving". Since our friends lived all over the tri-state area and would usually spend the holiday with their families, we'd collectively meet up on the Saturday before or afterwards to enjoy the festivities with them. Everyone would be in charge of a certain part of the meal, and the host would make the turkey. It came together wonderfully I think.I think John liked it the most because he got to participate in an overload of mashed potatoes twice in one week. It was a great time, with ample food and wine, and always a game or two afterwards as our food digested. We were hooked on cranium for a while, but eventually evolved to Apples 2 Apples.

This year, our lives are sort of in a state of flux. We downsized in our living conditions and currently don't really have the space to host. Also, some friends are now further away than ever before, leading to an almost impossible way to join up and stuff ourselves. It makes me sad.

Now for the point of my post. One of my favorite parts of the day was right before we ate. We would go around the table and each of us would say what we were thankful for. I'd like to do that this year, but virtually. Why not? I think we can all swing it. Post in the comments what you are thankful for. I'll start.


Sheila said...

I'm thankful that even though our friends are miles away and across the country, we're still as close as we used to be. Because we all know that our friendships are special and worth fighting for.

Oh, I'm also thankful for cheetos.

Gilday said...

I'm thankful only one out of our two dogs drool.