Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We ain't no Holograms

Hey partners in blogdom, Gilday and I are going to be doing something outrageous. No, we’re not going to resurrect Gem (she’s truly outrageous). We’re going to be submitting our application for the CBS show, The Amazing Race. We’re filling out our application and have to come up with a 3 minute video to tell the producers why we deserve to compete with 10 other teams and race around the world for a million dollars.

I was thinking of donning backpacks and getting some video on the gunks, or maybe getting in the kayaks and doing something in the water. We need to differentiate ourselves from the others. Anyone have any ideas for us? A script, perhaps?

Great ideas could be handsomely rewarded.


Anonymous said...

From watching past seasons, it's helpful when you are either models, dating, or dating models. Although having a midget on your team would help.

I vote to play up your differences. Everyone on the Amazing Race does backpack-y stuff, if not before than on the show, so here's your title:

Scientist Married to an Artist
Show Sheila painting or digitaly tweaking an image and show Gilday wearing his goggles and safety shoes mixing colored liquids in several beakers. Everyone loves beakers.

Sheila said...

Yeah, I had thought about that angle for an intro. I think it could be work.

I want to edit the video on the Mac and then transfer it to VHS. Any ideas how to do that?

I'm googled out for today. :)