Wednesday, November 14, 2007


After looking around to see what others have done on their videos, I came across this.

Freaking Hilarious. I especially like the part where he picks up the dog. Maybe we could do something like that. Gilday and I could have a part of the video where we mention how we are preparing for the show, like doing weightlifting and pan to a shot of us doing "dog" lifts. Gilday can lift Finn, and I can lift Riley. Then, have a "hydration" section with me drinking a glass of wine and Gilday with a Guinness. We could both say something obnoxious to each other in our chosen foreign languages to show some "tension" as I'm told by the husband of Melissa is key to good television.

I had already thought to highlight our differences, as a friend suggested. The whole opposites attract thing can't be any clearer than an artist and a scientist combining forces.

This is going to be fun....

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Michael said...

I am glad that you like our video, if you search twampdeuce on youtube you can see all of my videos!