Thursday, January 03, 2008

NP & Justice

Update on the ticketed situation. Because my ticket wasn't a "point" violation I had to drop it off and then they mail me a verdict. Lame. All that worrying for nada. I pleaded guilty because, i really was, and gave the letter from my boss and a brief apology for my mistake. Cross your fingers that they don't take advantage.

On another note, I wanted to give a shout out to my Husband, the awesome one that he is. This christmas he surprised me with my most wanted creative tool, a digital SLR camera. I'm in love. I'm still fighting the fear of hurting it in some way. My trusty olympus is waterproof/shockproof so I have no worries really about taking it anywhere. The dSLR, thats another story. I took this shot below new years day. It was funny, actually. I was looking outside and the sun was popping out and making the snow glitter in contrasting ways. Very photo worthy. But as soon as I got ready with my boots and snow gear, the sun disappeared. I managed to get this one on the way back from the rail trail. I heart my camera.

Ok folks. I'm outtie...

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