Thursday, April 09, 2009

Another trip into the shop for the Pathy tomorrow. It's funny. I was commenting to a co-worker that we have an extra paycheck this month because of how the weeks fell... And now it looks like that extra paycheck will be in someone else's pocket.

What do you think the odds of me convincing Gilday that I need to get the new Forrester now instead at the end of the year....

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Mel said...

Mr. Subaru (Ryan) talks non-stop about his love of Subbies and how he wants to get a new one. Remember when he had to take pics of his at the beach in Monterey?

He's actually going to the dealership today for an oil change - wouldn't be surprised in the least if I went home to a Subbie in my parking spot tonight.

We've seen a couple of the new Forresters on the road...they're pretty sharp looking.