Tuesday, May 11, 2004

glass eye

I've almost completed my training at the "home improvement chain". I have about 2 days left and I'm not looking forward to actually working. I like the training environment too much to start my real position. I think that they should just hire me as a test subject for new training sessions. Every couple of days I could go through the training session to learn how different departments work. I could eventually learn how to put an addition on our house, wire it for electric, use some different faux finishing techniques to give a calming effect and then landscape the outside with appropriate plants for our climate. Plus, I'd be doing THEM a favor because they could find out if a section of the program wasn't informative enough. Maybe I'll bring it up the next time I see the HR lady.

Oh, have I mentioned that there is a guy in the Lumber department that has a glass eye? I find that when I'm talking to him, I can never figure out what is the correct eye to be looking at.


Paul said...

Simple test to figure out the eye thing: Using your index finger on both hands, act as if you're going to poke both of his eyes, and there-after always look at the one he defends.

Gilday said...

You could slap the back of his head and see what pops out.