Monday, May 30, 2005

back from the 'Banks

After much anticipation, a post... Although very quick for I have a front lawn to mow.

Some of the gang and I went on a wonderful vacation to the outer banks, in NC. This was our second trip to the banks, and I have to say, a good time was had by (mostly) all.

Our trip started with a stop over in Richmond to visit Gildays brother, in which much alcohol was ingested. Bar hopping and then more shots back at his house led to a very hungover bunch that next morning. Not to mention Paul deciding to take a quick nap with us after his trip to the bathroom because He didn't want to make the 4 foot walk to the Sofa bed in the other room. A nice morning vomit (with some coming out my nose) and we were ready to head to the OBX.

Some of us went Kayaking at a wildlife preserve on Monday to start of the trip with a bang. We witnessed a 8 ft Alligator swimming along side us for about 10 minutes, poked our paddles at poisonious water moccasons and snapped a few photo's of "clear black water" reflections.

With such a dangerous Monday, we decided to followed it up on Tuesday with a half day of Palmico sound fishing. We caught some Blue Fish and Brown trout (which was dinner for the rest of the week) and got to watch some dolphins playing in the surf.

Good times.

The rest of the trip was a mix of unseasonably cold (50's) weather, some scattered showers and the occational trip to JoBobs trading post.

Oh, we also partook in the plentiful selections of liquor and beer we so thoughtfully provided for ourselves.

Glad to be back.


Gilday said...

It was more like six feet. Also, you left out how Paul screamed like a girl when he saw it.

Sheila said...

No... I definately think it was 8 ft. Maybe even more....

Paul said...

It was 7'5", but it lied on it's drivers license so it says 8'.