Thursday, October 19, 2006

I doubt anyone has noticed, but I'm trying to post more. I hoping to post at least twice a week. There are a bunch of things rolling around inside my head, and its aching to come out. There will be some silly posting, but I'm hoping to delve more into myself, and take you along for the ride. I'll try and keep it real, like the weather channel.

I've stopped drawing. I've stopped painting. I haven't wanted to for the last 8-10 months. I've got a whole room in our house devoted to it, and I just couldn't bring myself to start again. I don't know if I'm scared or lazy or what. I've been inspired, yes. But when it comes down to getting out the paints or setting up my studio easel, I conveniently side track myself.

I had enough. Last night I started sketching. I was amazed at how tight I was, and how my usual soft and rounded strokes were hard and cold. After a couple hours I could feel myself loosening up, but I still couldnt see myself looking back. I need to see myself in my art again. I think I'm ready now.


Anonymous said...

I've always felt that, when it comes to creativity, it's not a question of being ready or not. Either do it or not. I've found that forcing myself to write or sketch will get surprising results, even if you have to cut through the slag for a while.

Paul said...

Start posting sketches and art to the ol' blog. You too John.