Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Day

I always feel great after voting in an election. I know that I'm only one person, but it still feels like I'm doing my part for a democratic society and keeping us one step away from something that could just be messy. Its a rush for me to walk into the voting booth, grab that red handle and pull it to the right to close the curtains. Then I stand there a second and think about what my vote could mean to someone. I then push down the tabs on my chosen row of my current political designation, confirm that I indeed finished my task, and then ceremoniously grab the red handle and pull it toward the left to make my vote count. This then opens the curtains for the next voter. Its really a lot of fun to me.

This year I'm voting in a new town and the old ladies that were checking me in definately noticed. They were so helpful and found my name as fast as lightning. They were curious about me while being respectful. They even mentioned to me that they were having a little reception to attend after you voted where they were serving apple cider and donuts. They told me its a great way to meet and get to know your neighbors. Its only in a small town that I think you can get that kind of experience. Having voted in 3 other districts in Ulster County, the only place that remotely comes close to it is the tiny town I grew up in, Lomontville NY. We voted in a fire house and the lady's auxiliary would offer coffee to the people that they knew, but shunned and avoided the people they didn't (which wasn't many).

This just again confirms for me that I really do love where I live, and can't imagine living somewhere else just yet. Maybe I can convince Gilday that he and I should retire here...

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